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Synergic pulse mig welding machine (CC-CV)

Suitable for normal low carbon steel, stainless steel (thickness>=1mm), aluminium and its alloy(thickness>=2mm); in automobile industry, boiler, shipbuilding , aluminium products processing and other non-ferrous metals welding.
Synergic pulse mig welding machine


  • Synergic Pulse MIG welding machine. (CC-CV)
  • Multi Processes with MIG/ARC/PULSE MIG/ Scratch TIG.
  • New digital control system with 64-bit efficient processor.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Built-in expert synergic welding database.
  • Intelligent control on cooling fan and water tank.
  • 64 channel storage
  • Four roll wire feeding system.
  • Isolated air passage
  • Excellent welding performance for aluminium.
  • High duty cycle and welding capacity.
  • Spot timer,2T/4T,programmable 4t
  • Gas check,gas pre-flow, gas post-flow,burn back
  • Spatter free welding
  • High travel speed and deeper penitration
  • Less distortion and heat input
  • Good welding bead appearance

Recommended Base Metal

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Standard Package

  • Synergic Pulse MIG welding Power source
  • Wire feeder
  • 5 Meters of Inter Connecting Cable
  • MIG welding Torch (Water cooled)
  • Argon Regulator
  • CO2 Regulator
  • CO2 Gas heater
  • Flowmeter
Technical Specification
Model INV MIG-400 (DP)
Input Supply 3 phase AC 380 to 400 V, 50 Hz
Rated Input current (A) 25
Rated Input Power capacity (KVA) 18
Power factor (cosø) 0.85
No-Load Voltage (V) 70
Rated Output (A/V) 400/36
Welding Voltage (V) 12.0 – 39.0
Welding Current (A) 10-400
Wire Speed (m/min) 1.0-18.0
Output Characteristics MMA:CC MIG/MAG :CV
Rated duty cycle (%) @ 45deg Cel 60
Efficiency (%) 90
Protection class IP21S
Insulation class F
Dimensions (mm) 780x380x610
Wieght of Power Source(kg) 44
Wieght of Wire Feeder(kg) 16
Wieght of Water Cooler(kg) 35
Air Plasma Cutting Machine
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